It would work like this:

$20 - 1 hour single session phone coaching, one on one desktop session, and email follow up for the week. If you decide on going with a monthly plan, the $20.00 is applied to your first month.


$50 for the first month, then $30 per month after that.

What it gets you:

$50 for 4 phone / desktop screen sessions a month using WebEx to establish your plan and get you off to a good start.

Then at $30 for 2 phone / desktop screen sessions a month for follow up and reinforcement as you begin your action/training plan.

Then there is always email and FB follow up as well as text if you need a boost. We can chat online while I’m on the go, which gives you direct communication without chaining me down to a desk :)

** Alternate plans and pricing can be set up to fit your current situation and needs as well, consulting tailored for you, by you.

What are desktop sessions and why are they important?
I am a firm believer in understanding the why of what you are doing.Through web conferencing technology, you can connect to my desktop and allow me to show you what I am talking about rather than simply trying to explain something in a phone call. It's having your own personal one on one seminar with me :)

Fair and affordable for everyone involved.

Just fill out the contact form and let the success begin....